WHSHL (Boys Varsity 2007/08)

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Player Name Team (Division)
Saaristo, Mason Silver Bay (MN) (Out of State)
Sabin, Conner Hayward (Independents)
Salewske, Troy Tomahawk (Lumberjack)
Saliba, Brian Loyola (IL) Academy (Out of State)
Salienko, Mikhail Stevens Point (Wisconsin Valley)
Salow, Zach LaCrescent (West Central)
Salzwedel, David Appleton United (Badgerland South)
Samz, Nathaniel Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Samz, Ryan Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Sand, Brady Eau Claire Memorial (Big Rivers)
Sande, Tait Silver Bay (MN) (Out of State)
Sando, Dana Spooner/Shell Lake (Independents)
Sanicola, Joe Germantown Ice Bears (North Shore)
Sanicola, Kate Germantown Ice Bears (North Shore)
Santarius, Joey Lakeland (Lumberjack)
Santii, Matt L'Anse (MI) (Out of State)
Santikko, Mack Ashland (Independents)
Santikko, Nolan Ashland (Independents)
Santopoalo, Nich Rockford (IL) (Out of State)
Santopoalo, Tim Rockford (IL) (Out of State)
Sarazin, Ryan Fond du Lac (Badgerland South)
Sargo, Cory Pine City (MN) (Out of State)
Sarno, Mike Hudson (Big Rivers)
Satran, Lee Northland Pines (Lumberjack)
Sauter, Casey McDonell Central (Independents)
Sawyers, Jon Rice Lake (Big Rivers)
Sayer Jr., Tom Sparta (West Central)
Sayer Sr., Tom Sparta (West Central)
Schaefer, Ben Brookfield (Classic Eight)
Schaefer, Sam Brookfield (Classic Eight)
Schaefer , Sam Brookfield (Classic Eight)
Schannon, James Amery (Middle Border)
Scharlau, Tyler Aquinas (West Central)
Schauf, Jacob Barron/Chetek (Independents)
Schelble, Casey Marquette (Independents)
Schellinger, Troy Medford (Lumberjack)
Schemberger, Jeff Eau Claire Memorial (Big Rivers)
Schick, Thomas Altoona (Independents)
Schicker, Billy Wild United (North Shore)
Schilling, Bryan Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Schilling, Jesse Eveleth (MN) (Out of State)
Schimmers, Chris Park Rapids (MN) (Out of State)
Schleusner, Eric Somerset/Osceola (Middle Border)
Schliep, Tyler Aquinas (West Central)
Schmelzer, Tyler Verona (Badger South)
Schmid, Austin Verona (Badger South)
Schmidt, Jason Waunakee (Badger North )
Schmidt, Jordan Wausau West (Wisconsin Valley)
Schmidt, Logan DeForest (Badger North )
Schmidt, Logan A. St. Michael-Albertville (MN) (Out of State)
Schmidt, Tony Spooner/Shell Lake (Independents)
Schmidtfranz, Chad Medford (Lumberjack)
Schmig, Jon Homestead (North Shore)
Schmitt, Alex Beaver Dam (Badgerland South)
Schmitt, Cody Madison LaFollette/ East (Big Eight)
Schmitt, Kelan Beaver Dam (Badgerland South)
Schmitt, Nolan Beaver Dam (Badgerland South)
Schmitz, David FDL Springs (Independents)
Schmitz, Eric New Richmond (Middle Border)
Schmitz, Ethan Sparta (West Central)
Schmitz, Zach Sun Prairie (Big Eight)
Schmocker, Joel Park Falls/Phillips (Lumberjack)
Schmor, Kyler KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Schneider, Caleb Antigo (Wisconsin Valley)
Schneider, David Madison Memorial (Big Eight)
Schneider, Graham Wausau West (Wisconsin Valley)
Schneider, Josh Milwaukee Pius XI (Classic Eight)
Schoback, John KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Schoenecker, Collin New Prague (MN) (Out of State)
Schoenfelt, Anthony Grafton (North Shore)
Schoenwetter, Adam Beaver Dam (Badgerland South)
Schoepp, Tyler Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Schofield, Bryce Baldwin-Woodville (Middle Border)
Schomberg, Tyler Sparta (West Central)
Schonenberg, Daniel Homestead (North Shore)
Schoone, Greg Tomahawk (Lumberjack)
Schoone, Nathan Tomahawk (Lumberjack)
Schoonover, Kyle Rockford (IL) (Out of State)
Schott, Jason Viroqua (West Central)
Schouveller, Michael Pine City (MN) (Out of State)
Schreiner, Tim Wild United (North Shore)
Schroeder, Casey Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Schroeder, Jonathan Lakeland (Lumberjack)
Schroeder, Zach Madison Edgewood (Badger South)
Schubert, Jonathon Waupun (Badgerland South)
Schullo, Greg Spooner/Shell Lake (Independents)
Schultz, Justin Barron/Chetek (Independents)
Schultz, Kyle Amery (Middle Border)
Schultz, Mark Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Schultz, Matt Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Schultz, Tyler KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Schumacher, Bill Park Falls/Phillips (Lumberjack)
Schumacher, Brady Pine City (MN) (Out of State)
Schumacher, Robert Madison West (Big Eight)
Schupp, Brock Greendale (Independents)
Schutt, Justin Antigo (Wisconsin Valley)
Schwartzmiller, Mark Germantown Ice Bears (North Shore)
Schwarz, Colton DeForest (Badger North )
Schwarz, Travis Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Schwehr, Troy Fox Cities (Independents)
Schwengler, Mike Eau Claire Memorial (Big Rivers)
Schwietz, Terry Notre Dame Academy (Badgerland North)
Scofield, Zane Cedarburg (North Shore)
Scott, Dave Whitefish Bay (North Shore)
Scott, Hunter Eau Claire Memorial (Big Rivers)
Scott, Jason DeForest (Badger North )
Scott, Joe Bay Port/Pulaski (Badgerland North)
Scott, Josh Fort Frances (ONT) (Out of State)
Scott, Justin Fort Frances (ONT) (Out of State)
Sears, Brian Webster (Independents)
Sears, Greg Webster (Independents)
Sebastian, Dan Pine City (MN) (Out of State)
Sedlacek, Mason Onalaska (West Central)
Sedovic, Jimmy West De Pere/De Pere (Badgerland North)
Seefeldt, Matt Middleton (Big Eight)
Seibert, Zak Ashwaubenon (Independents)
Seis, Dylan Antigo (Wisconsin Valley)
Seitz, Dave Wis. Dells/Mauston (Badger North )
Seitz, Mitch Wis. Dells/Mauston (Badger North )
Selbach, Kyle Madison Memorial (Big Eight)
Sell, David Waupaca (Lumberjack)
Sell, Jason Baldwin-Woodville (Middle Border)
Sellers, Anthony Kenosha (Classic Eight)
Sellers, Nick Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Senske, Russ Hayward (Independents)
Sequin, John Proctor (MN) (Out of State)
Servis, Read University School (Independents)
Sesolak, Cody Waunakee (Badger North )
Sette, Travis Grafton (North Shore)
Sette, Tyler Grafton (North Shore)
Seubert, Aaron Catholic Memorial (Classic Eight)
Severson, Andrew Waunakee (Badger North )
Severson, Mitch Waunakee (Badger North )
Seymour, Kory Verona (Badger South)
Shaffer, Taylor Stoughton (Badger South)
Shank, Jim Greendale (Independents)
Shapiro, Luke Brookfield (Classic Eight)
Shapiro, Matt Brookfield (Classic Eight)
Sharp, Talon Sparta (West Central)
Shaw, Lucas Black River Falls (West Central)
Shay, Mickey Menomonie (Big Rivers)
Shea, Tim Eau Claire North (Big Rivers)
Shelton, Ryan Janesville (Big Eight)
Sheperd, Travis Grafton (North Shore)
Shepet, Colin Marquette (Independents)
Shervey, Jake Menomonie (Big Rivers)
Shields, Matt Marquette (Independents)
Shilts, Dan New Richmond (Middle Border)
Shira, Hunter Somerset/Osceola (Middle Border)
Shirriff, James Hayward (Independents)
Shives, Ben Webster (Independents)
Shortreed, Jamieson Fort Frances (ONT) (Out of State)
Siemers, Alex LaCrosse (West Central)
Sigurdson, Joe Eau Claire North (Big Rivers)
Simandl, Danny KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Sime, Alex Providence (MN) Academy (Out of State)
Simila, Drew McDonell Central (Independents)
Simon, Jeff Whitefish Bay (North Shore)
Simpson, Eddie Whitefish Bay (North Shore)
Singerhouse, Jared New Richmond (Middle Border)
Sinz, Garrett Menomonie (Big Rivers)
Sires, Kiefer KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Skalbeck, Casey Kenosha (Classic Eight)
Skarman, Max Duluth (MN) Denfeld (Out of State)
Skater, Default Fairmont (MN) (Out of State)
Skater, Default Oregon (Badger South)
Skater, Default Mt. Carmel (IL) (Out of State)
Skelding, Brandon Black River Falls (West Central)
Skog, Ethan Moose Lake (MN) (Out of State)
Skogstad, Matt Wausau East (Wisconsin Valley)
Skoug, Jeff Merrill (Wisconsin Valley)
Skurich, Brad Duluth (MN) Denfeld (Out of State)
Sladek, Jimmy Merrill (Wisconsin Valley)
Slagowski, Griffin Wausau East (Wisconsin Valley)
Slick, Jay River Falls (Big Rivers)
Slogar, Jim D.C. Everest (Wisconsin Valley)
Slotty, Derek Sauk Prairie (Badger North )
Smith, Alex Notre Dame Academy (Badgerland North)
Smith, Andrew Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Smith, Brad Marshfield (Wisconsin Valley)
Smith, Brandon St. Michael-Albertville (MN) (Out of State)
Smith, Cj Ashland (Independents)
Smith, Cass Monona Grove (Badger South)
Smith, Cory Fond du Lac (Badgerland South)
Smith, Dan Hermantown (MN) (Out of State)
Smith, Dylan DeForest (Badger North )
Smith, Eric Green Bay United (Badgerland North)
Smith, Jake Notre Dame Academy (Badgerland North)
Smith, Kyle Stevens Point (Wisconsin Valley)
Smith, Mike Park Rapids (MN) (Out of State)
Smith, Nate Notre Dame Academy (Badgerland North)
Smith, Rich Verona (Badger South)
Smith, Rob Barron/Chetek (Independents)
Smith, Ryan Green Bay United (Badgerland North)
Smith, Tim Superior (Independents)
Smith, Treven New Prague (MN) (Out of State)
Smith, Zach Beloit Memorial (Big Eight)
Smits, Andrew Green Bay United (Badgerland North)
Smyth, Daniel Pacelli (Independents)
Snippen, Trevor Sparta (West Central)
Snyder, Trevor FDL Springs (Independents)
Sokolik, Cody Fond du Lac (Badgerland South)
Sola, Nick Mt. Carmel (IL) (Out of State)
Soley, Saxton Eau Claire Memorial (Big Rivers)
Solomon, Chad Germantown Ice Bears (North Shore)
Soltau, Rick Viroqua (West Central)
Soltau, Spencer Viroqua (West Central)
Solverson, Matt Grafton (North Shore)
Sommer, Matt Neenah (Badgerland South)
Sommerfeld, Alex Wild United (North Shore)
Sondalle, Chris Sheboygan (Badgerland North)
Sonday, Matt Two Harbors (MN) (Out of State)
Soo Hoo, Aaron Milwaukee Pius XI (Classic Eight)
Soo Hoo, Anthony Wild United (North Shore)
Sopha, Ryan DeForest (Badger North )
Sorensen, Austin Neenah (Badgerland South)
Sorensen, Frant Duluth (MN) East (Out of State)
Sorensen, Tyler Madison Edgewood (Badger South)
Sorgenfrei, Braden Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Sottile, Joe Marquette (Independents)
Spafford, Lincoln Webster (Independents)
Spair, Sam Kenosha (Classic Eight)
Spangberg, Andy Wausau East (Wisconsin Valley)
Spangler, Steve Black River Falls (West Central)
Sparger, Tyler Eau Claire Memorial (Big Rivers)
Spartz, Chris Homestead (North Shore)
Spiczenski, Griffin Waunakee (Badger North )
Spiegel, Tyler Wausau East (Wisconsin Valley)
Spragg, David Eveleth (MN) (Out of State)
Spratte, Mark Waukesha (Classic Eight)
Spreiter, Brandon Amery (Middle Border)
Sprinkman, Drake Catholic Memorial (Classic Eight)
Stack, Billy Pacelli (Independents)
Stafne, Chris Duluth (MN) Denfeld (Out of State)
Stalle, Will Whitefish Bay (North Shore)
Stam, Aaron Waupun (Badgerland South)
Stanaway, Jim Ashwaubenon (Independents)
Standford, Nick Appleton United (Badgerland South)
Stank, Devon West De Pere/De Pere (Badgerland North)
Stark, Chris Sparta (West Central)
Staszak, Jake Bay Port/Pulaski (Badgerland North)
Statz, Scott Monona Grove (Badger South)
Statz, Tony Monona Grove (Badger South)
Statz, Travis DeForest (Badger North )
Statz, Tyler DeForest (Badger North )
Steele , Chris Viroqua (West Central)
Steffes, Alex FDL Springs (Independents)
Steffes, Eric FDL Springs (Independents)
Steffes, Ty FDL Springs (Independents)
Steger, Trevin Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Steidl, Pete KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Steik, Tony Kingsford (MI) (Out of State)
Stein, Alex Notre Dame Academy (Badgerland North)
Stein, Sam Oregon (Badger South)
Steiner, John FDL Springs (Independents)
Steinhorst, Derek Oregon (Badger South)
Stenberg, Jake Wausau East (Wisconsin Valley)
Stendler, Brad Homestead (North Shore)
Stensaas, Tyler Oregon (Badger South)
Stephany, Ben Fond du Lac (Badgerland South)
Stephenson, Joe Germantown Ice Bears (North Shore)
Sterwald, Kevin Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Sterwald, Scott Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Stevens, Ryan Eveleth (MN) (Out of State)
Stewart, Anthony Duluth (MN) Central (Out of State)
Stewart, Ryan Sheboygan (Badgerland North)
Stibbe, Corey Ashland (Independents)
Stibbe, Taylor Ashland (Independents)
Stieve, Aj Baraboo/Reedsburg (Badger North )
Stieve, Aaron Pacelli (Independents)
Stiglich, Brent Medford (Lumberjack)
Stillwell, Patrick Sheboygan (Badgerland North)
Stirmel, Nick Altoona (Independents)
Stobb, Travis Waupun (Badgerland South)
Stolberg, Chris Green Bay United (Badgerland North)
Stolzman, Caleb Antigo (Wisconsin Valley)
Storch, Aaron Brookfield (Classic Eight)
Storch, Scott Northland Pines (Lumberjack)
Stoskopf, Mike Hudson (Big Rivers)
Strang, Cody Madison Edgewood (Badger South)
Strang, Matt Madison Edgewood (Badger South)
Strasburg, Jim Spooner/Shell Lake (Independents)
Strasser, Max Beaver Dam (Badgerland South)
Strassman, Alex Middleton (Big Eight)
Straub, Brian Oregon (Badger South)
Strauss, Charlie Northland Pines (Lumberjack)
Strebig, Cody Medford (Lumberjack)
Strobl, Alex Waukesha (Classic Eight)
Strobl , Sean Waukesha (Classic Eight)
Stroh, Kevin Mt. Carmel (IL) (Out of State)
Strom, Andrew Aquinas (West Central)
Stromness, Devon Fort Frances (ONT) (Out of State)
Struck, Nick Neenah (Badgerland South)
Stubbs, Josh Neenah (Badgerland South)
Stuermer, Devin Milwaukee Pius XI (Classic Eight)
Stuermer, Ryan Milwaukee Pius XI (Classic Eight)
Stumbras, Aaron Green Bay United (Badgerland North)
Stunkel, Preston Park Falls/Phillips (Lumberjack)
Suchomel, Mitch DeForest (Badger North )
Suick, Scott Antigo (Wisconsin Valley)
Sullivan, Jake Chippewa Falls (Big Rivers)
Sullivan, Sam Waupun (Badgerland South)
Sullivan, Sheena Superior (Independents)
Sumner, Alex Rockford (IL) (Out of State)
Sumwalt, Andrew KM/Mukwonago (Classic Eight)
Surita, Marques Greendale (Independents)
Susens, Peter Wausau West (Wisconsin Valley)
Swan, Craig Tomahawk (Lumberjack)
Swanda, Adam New Richmond (Middle Border)
Swanson, Kyle River Falls (Big Rivers)
Swanson, Mike Menomonie (Big Rivers)
Swedlig, Zack LaCrescent (West Central)
Sweeney, Bill Wisconsin Rapids (Wisconsin Valley)
Sweeney, Brett Tomah (West Central)
Sweeney, Sean McFarland (Badger South)
Sweeney, Tim Marquette (Independents)
Swenson, Nick Amery (Middle Border)
Swenson , Mitch Duluth (MN) Central (Out of State)
Swenty, Jacob Tomahawk (Lumberjack)
Swiderski, Bryan Mosinee (Lumberjack)
Swiderski, Steven Mosinee (Lumberjack)
Swiggum, Alex Oregon (Badger South)
Swor, Noah Duluth (MN) Central (Out of State)
Sykes, Jarett Spooner/Shell Lake (Independents)
Sykes, Matt Tomahawk (Lumberjack)
Sykora, Ryan Chippewa Falls (Big Rivers)
Sylvester, Tony Oconomowoc (Classic Eight)
Szabo, Tyler Kingsford (MI) (Out of State)
Szeflinski, Mitch Tomah (West Central)
Szepi, Mitch Greendale (Independents)
Szopinski, Nick Beaver Dam (Badgerland South)

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